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SEO - July 10, 2019

Your Guide To Hiring A Freelance SEO Specialist

Nowadays, pretty much everyone with businesses uses an online platform to boost their reach further. However, not everyone knows the proper ways to deal with different channels and use the right strategies. And while some refer to a digital marketing agency for all their needs, another way you can also consider is to hire a freelance SEO specialist Philippines which can work on certain tasks you require.

There are plenty of ways for you to find a freelancer today, but there are particular rules which seem best to follow so you can be sure that you find the right person who can deliver great results. Your freelance SEO specialist needs to be equipped with the tools, knowledge, and experience that can take your business one step further.

Many companies today, such as The Modern Back, rely on freelancers to up their game when it comes to digital marketing. And you too can enjoy the benefits once you learn about how you should hire your freelance SEO specialist below.

  • Look For Skills, Experience, And Feedback

SEO is such a broad topic, and as an employer, you need to break down your needs to the specifics. For starters, focus on the particular SEO skills you require so you can get the responses you like. Experience is also vital, especially if the job you need to be filled is quite advanced. Note on your job post that you are looking for someone with experience on certain niches, so it’s easier to screen later on. Finally, don’t ignore the feedback. You might need to dig a little deeper with this one, but the work is worth it when you land the best suitable candidate.

  • Make The Job Description Simple Yet Clear

Sometimes, employers get a huge response from job posts, including from those who aren’t exactly qualified. This is often the problem if you don’t make your job post description clear and simple. Stick to a bullet form of required skills and experience so that only the right candidates respond.

  • Learn To Screen

Screening is one of the most tedious tasks you can take on when hiring, but it also prevents you from wasting time interviewing the wrong candidates. If you have a few people on your hiring team, give them the particular job description, and ask them to screen based on it.

  • Have Another Person Join Your Interview

No one is always complete with all the expertise in the world, which is why it is a good idea to invite someone else from your team when conducting interviews. It also allows for less dead air during the call.

  • Set Up A Task

Once you narrowed down your candidates, it’s an excellent idea to set up a task, preferably a paid one, to test your future employees. Depending on your usual work like with Green Office Partner, give out clear instructions on what they need to do. The result of this task makes the screening even easier for you.

Final Word

It’s difficult to hire new people into your team, especially if you don’t follow a strict method. Make sure to create a hiring best local SEO services Vancouver that works best to your liking so you can find the right specialist for your team.

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