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Technology - February 11, 2019

How to make your history essay an interesting reader’s digest

It is often found that a history essay contains much element and information, but readers found it boring to go through. If you can keep a track on a few things, while writing a history essay on Arabian nights or others, your writing will be an interactive and interesting one. Here are some essential guides for writing such an attractive essay:

Connect time and place

Keep the objective of your historical essay directed at discovering the outline of human philosophy at different phases of time. If you are in search of yet another objective, then show the practice of the same philosophy at different geographical locations. For example, if you are writing an essay on Arabian nights, then your objective will be to show the practice of same struggle or same philosophy afterward at a different location, like – life of Mary Wollstonecraft, a medieval time British woman, who had to struggle for her survival. This would connect ancient Asia with medieval Europe and would make your essay a well-directed one to the readers.

Make the history live and agile

History of mankind is like a diary of humanity. All the ups and downs of humanity remain well recorded in it, with all its amusements, philosophies and discoveries. To become an essay writer on history, you need to have detailed knowledge about symmetries of three historical phases – ancient, medieval and modern. If you feel that you need no knowledge about ancient history, while dealing with medieval or modern history, then you are very much on the wrong track. If you are able to show that what the queens of Arabian nights faced, has been faced by the blacks of Africa in Invictus, then your readers will like that cup of tea.

Otherwise, if you can connect the ancient philosophy with modern happenings, your writing shows a better edge. For example, you are writing a biography on Mary Wollstonecraft and showing the struggle she faced in her life. Readers will be stating you that those are past and would never repeat. Now, if you can state similar struggling examples of modern times, like that of Invictus, your readers will find a new angle in your writing.

Use the story and never run it

Many of the essays are seen to run the same old known stories again and again. Do not make your essay look boring to the readers. The best way to do so is by simply hiding the stories and making it a thrill. For example, you are placing the history of the African racial revolution. You can run parodies from movies, made on the same plot, like Invictus. These simple things make your storytelling easy and at the same time, recreates with different anomalies. Bring out the messages out of the historical tale and make it a highly regarded one, in terms of social message.

Above mentioned are some tips on your writing. It is to give you an idea – application of little intelligence and mixing some odd things effectively can make a simple and boring thing impeccably fascinating. Keep following for more such handy tips.

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