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Technology - January 25, 2019

Essential Things You Need to Know about E-Commerce

Whilst using the internet, for sure, you’ve encountered an e-commerce website. A short form of electronic commerce, it refers to the way businesses are now expanding their reach in the online arena with the assistance of a reliable Perth web design company.

An Ever-Growing Business Model

Statistics show the increasing growth of online sales made by various businesses in the last four years, which highlights the ever-growing relevance of the internet in terms of commercial transactions.

The three most common types are the B2B (business to business), B2C (business to consumer) and C2C models (consumer to consumer). Many business owners will find these models especially beneficial when establishing their brand.

Understanding how this works lets you understand how selling products and services work in the 21st century.

How E-Commerce Changed People’s Way of Doing Business?

In the past, people sold things whilst having the need to transport materials kilometres away from the store, warehouse or production area. Then, people had to wait for days to even see the selection of products.

After the advent of the Industrial Revolution, whilst mass reproduction of materials was elevated to a new level, there was no guarantee that supplies are in good condition.

That’s not certainly the case now, and the advancement of technology contributed to this development. Instead of horses and trains, we have cargo ships, trucks and special means of transportation that effectively reduce the delivery time.

The relevance of customer service in this decade also makes manufacturing, selling and business client-oriented. It’s something that all successful business ventures in the old times lacked.

The Influence and Advantage of the Internet

Thanks to the invention of the internet, the global barrier that separated the world is gone. This enables businesses to expand their reach not only in their home country but in other parts of the world. In a statistical report, B2B sales will reach approximately 7 trillion US dollars by 2020.

Indeed, there’s a reason why online retail sites, such as the tech giant Amazon, top the list for the most businesses that garner millions of sales.

Influencers, with their large number of followings on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, continually make use of different social media platforms to promote their brand. It’s a new way of reaching followers, or consumers.

Why a Good Website Is Important?

That said, a good, living website created with the help of an ecommerce website design experts in Perth is a must if you want your business to be relevant – and to be recognised by Google and other search engines.

Take global brand Gucci for instance. You’ll notice both the simplicity and boldness of their official site. Their site makes shopping for clothes accessible to both new and old customers, with easy-to-use tabs. On the other hand, 2018’s top fashion brand, Balenciaga, brings customers directly to their catalogue of clothes, shoes and bags in two clicks via their site.

The common feature in these two brands is they bring customer interaction and satisfaction at the forefront of their advertising.

So, here are the characteristics of a good website:

  • Quality Content – Engaging, helpful articles about the brand
  • Easy Navigation – Fewer tabs, more purpose
  • Responsive Design – Web and mobile compatible
  • Multimedia Heavy – Crisp photos, moving pictures and video.

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